You can read my write up on the The Cult’s “Love” album here on this post from almost four years ago and can see what I said about the song “Rain”:

“Rain” is one of my all-time favorite songs from 1985….

There is something about the song that really resonated with me. Perhaps it was that it ended side one of the cassette that I played a lot in 1985 and there was always a blank minute or two before the cassette did auto reverse and started playing side 2.

Or perhaps it’s the guitar of Billy Duffy that just nailed the strums and solo.

OR…. it might be that I like the song so much that I used it in an episode of Scooter Sunday back in 2009, interpreting that the song was about it raining, which it is, related to a Hopi Rain Dance [Ian Astbury has an Native Indian background].

OR… it might just be all of those reasons.

Second Single

the cult rain
The album art for the single “Rain”

The song was the second single released from the 1985 album “Love”, but most people might know the first single “She Sells Sanctuary”

I’ve heard the song live once, back in September 2016, which was the only time I’ve seen The Cult live.

The song comes in exactly at 4 minutes in length. And a glorious 4 minutes that I never get tired of playing often.