Taco Flavor
Nacho your regular cheesy Doritos flavor

Who doesn’t like Doritos? OH YOU DON’T, HUH?? Well then wait for the next blog post. For those who are Doritos fans, here’s a blast from the past. I saw this bag in the store a couple weeks ago and had to buy them.

I’m normally all about the Nacho Cheese flavor or even the Cool Ranch flavor will do, but the Taco flavor was one of the original flavors, even before Nacho Cheese made it’s debut in 1972.

The Taco flavor chips are very good. Pretty close to what I remember them being when I was a kid. But there were two other Taco flavored variants that I liked even better. In the 1990’s, Doritos partnered with Taco Bell to create the Taco Supreme flavor of chips. Tasted just like eating a Taco Supreme, with the salsa, sour cream and all of the fixings. I LOVED this flavor, but alas, it was not to last. Limited time only. Before I knew it, I came up empty handed when grocery shopping.

But wait… in 2009, Doritos heard the complaints of all of us that loved this flavor and created “Tacos At Midnight”

Tacos at Midnight
Original image found at innit.com

The taste was very close to the Taco Supreme flavor from the 90’s. So much, that I started to draft up my “Dear John” letter to the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors. But once again, the short-sighted product manager people at Frito-Lay deemed these “Limited Time” and before I knew it, they were not to be found on store shelves [at least here in Utah].

So for now, we have another “Limited Time” brand in the Taco flavor, so we’ll see if they last more than a few months. Just in case, I have 6 bags of them stashed to hold me over.

What’s your favorite Doritos flavor?