Stan Wendy
“Will you be mi… *BLECH* Ewwwww!”

I admit that the older I get, the less interested I am in Valentine’s Day. Oh wait.. before I forget and become lost in my thoughts…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Ok, where was I? oh yeah..

Back in my 20’s and even my late 30’s, I got into Valentine’s Day. Those I loved got something clever, special, home made or a nice surprise. It was cool and felt good. Today, it’s not a day I look forward to. It’s not that I’m not loving anymore, but the novelty of the day has worn off. Almost too commercial if you ask me.

Ape Not Monkey
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Maybe it’s that we are faced with trying to do something we would normally not do for one day a year that has me burnt out on the day. Candy, cards, flowers, dinner… it’s all a build up that leads to higher expectations the other 365 days (remember, this is a leap year and leap month). And once you set the bar too high, it only means you fail when you don’t reach it on a consistent level.

So this year, it’s just a card for my wife. Because what I write inside, I mean and it’s something I can do often without looking up and trying to reach that high point I never set for myself.