Chaz Bono
Chaz Bono

Dear Chaz,

Your recent addition to the lastest season of “Dancing With The Stars” has caused quite the controversy. As you know, there are a majority of people in America who have issues with people that aren’t just like them and they make all sorts of vocal efforts to make themselves stand out in order to get their names in the press and profess it’s all about “protecting the children” which also pushes their cause into the mainstream media.

Never mind the fact that the previous 12 seasons of this reality TV show had many of the fit and trim females cavorting around in very little clothing and the males would often wear tight pants and remove their shirts to expose their tanned and ribbed chests, which apparently is ok with those who oppose “your kind” being on prime time television, since there hasn’t been the outpouring of disgust like the one surrounding your casting.

In fact, if these people raising the red flag would have kept quiet, those children they are working to protect wouldn’t have known any different who they were watching on this dancing show. They would simply have seen a male dancing and working hard to make the best of being on a highly rated show.

I applaud your mother for her vocal statements of support. And if your father were still with us, I’m sure he would be just as vocal in his support for you. You’ve had a long road in life in becoming who you are and the struggles, trials and changes you’ve experienced take courage and challenge, which should be applauded, not condemned.

I don’t normally watch “Dancing With The Stars” or most reality TV, for that matter. But given your addition to the cast, I will be voting and rooting for you as I am not a judge of person. Only a fellow human being that wishes you the best in all of your endeavors in life.


Marty Mankins
Blogger, Writer and Scooter Rider