reba house
The house I’ve lived in for the last 18 years

This is where I discuss all things selling the house. To preface with a few details, let me paint the history of the house first, at least the history that I’ve been filled in on.

The house my wife and I live in is actually her house, meaning she is the only name on the house/deed. She had it when we first got together back in June 2001. I moved in around August 2001, so I’ve been here almost 18 years, just shy by a couple of months. The house was built in 1925, moved from it’s original spot to where it is currently in the 1950’s. My wife and her first husband moved in around 1987.

That’s the short history of the house. Let’s delve into the attempts to sell it.


December 2010. My wife really wanted to sell the house and got with a realtor and it was almost a done deal, until she and I talked and then she felt it wasn’t the right time to sell. She took a sabbatical from her job for the first 9 months of 2011, which in hindsight, it was good the house was not going to sell.


Almost 7 years after the first attempt to sell the house, the discussion came up again, right after we got back from our Europe river cruise trip [I still need to finish the 18 blog posts from that trip] For some reason, I was able to talk her out of selling the house. For some reason, the timing just didn’t feel right to me.


So for the better part of the last couple of months of 2018, my wife really was feeling the desire to sell the house. She quit her job in September 2018 after more than 19 years of doing accounts payable at a local manufacturing company. The decision she made was to put the house on the market in April 2019, which is what happened. I’m not going to go into the details of prices and our house payment and such, but I’ve not been eager to move or sell. But since she is the sole owner, it’s always been her decision to sell it. I’ve done my best to get on board, but being honest here, it’s not something I’ve ever been 100% on board with. Regardless, the house is currently on the market and we’ve had a few offers, one of which is currently accepted and we are under contract.

Since the day before Memorial Day, my wife has been in Europe with a couple of friends, which has left many of the tasks of keeping the house clean and presentable on myself, for various showings, inspections and appraisals. Also, doing my best to manage the additional repairs that have been needed to be done since the inspection came back almost a week ago. My wife returns this coming Wednesday, which gives us a few weeks before the closing of the house, assuming the appraisal comes back at the asking price of the house and all repairs are done to the satisfaction of the forthcoming new owners.

My thoughts on this entire house sale process are that I really want to stay. We owe less than $30k on the current mortgage. We have a place to move for now, which is to my step daughter’s house [she bought another house and has mostly moved into it] and will rent her place for the next 6 months to 2 years or something in between, time frame wise.

I’m pretty resolved to doing my best to deal with the sale and move. It’s not something I’ve wanted to do, but being the supportive husband, I’m doing my best to support my wife at what she wants to do, at least I think I am.


The above summary might leave many of my readers with a few questions. Please feel free to post a comment and I will do my best to respond with the best answer that I can give.