While I may not be ready for the snow, at least my readers are.

Snowy Sunday returns – NOW!

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Vimeo version – Snowy Sunday Ep. 018

The Return of Snowy Sunday

Yes, it’s true. Regardless of my lack of love for all things cold and snow, I do love making videos. And I can’t just hibernate inside all winter without making a video each and every week.

And yes, you read that right. Each and every week, I will be posting a new episode of Snowy Sunday. Not all episodes can be stellar works of brilliance, but I can promise they will be at least entertaining in some form.

Season 2?

As you may have noticed above, this episode is number 18, with no mention of a season number. While this is considered the second season of Snowy Sunday, I’ve decided to just continue the numbering of each episode in sequential order. So for as long as I will make Snowy Sunday episodes, their numbers will simply increase.

So enjoy, my Snowy Sunday fans and viewers.