marty pacific ocean
Taken on June 18, 2010 near Klamath, CA

Back in June of 2010, my wife and I took a trip to see the Redwoods. I never blogged about that trip, even though I had a post that mentioned I would.

This photo of me on the beach near Klamath, CA [not to be confused with Klamath Falls, OR, which we drove through on the way to the Redwoods] was one I liked a lot. I grew up going to the Pacific Ocean a lot, just way south of this place. My reflection in the water on the beach was a nice capture.

This trip was one that reminded me of visiting the Redwoods when I was a child with my mom [I might have photos of this trip somewhere, just haven’t found them yet]. I may go back and blog about it a few other trips I took that I never posted out here. Of course, I would love to go back to the Redwoods again someday to see this area of nature.