vegas sign
Original photo found at Classic Las Vegas

My list of things I need to do before heading to Vegas on Wednesday [tomorrow]:

  • Charge my scooter battery (not that I am driving it to Vegas… )
  • Pack (I’m taking two bags, one for clothes, one for tech gear)
  • Work 6 hrs (please let no stupid shit happen during that time)
  • Pack a rain coat (it’s still winter time, even in Vegas)
  • Charge phones (both my Treo and my iPhone)
  • Post this blog post (the fact that you are reading this means I can check off this item)
  • Remember to tell my brother-in-law “Happy Birthday” without mentioning how old he is (he’s older than I am)
  • and…. think positive about winning at the penny slots (I might play some roulette, too)

I think that’s it. Wish me luck. I’ll post again soon.