It’s been a packed week with all sorts of shit going on around here. I wanted to do another post on a different subject, but it’s already late on Thursday night and I really wanted to get something new out here. I promise… promise…. that next week, I will have something new and different out here. For now, I’m being a lazy fuck and stealing a meme from other bloggers. Enjoy.


My favorite age: 28. I had a lot of positives going on in my life at the time, namely the birth of my daughter.

My best friend: Boy, this one could get me in trouble. I have several friends I call “best”, but there’s not a single person that stands out.

My celebrity crush: It’s always been Cindy Crawford. There’s some current A and B listers out there now that I can crush on, but Cindy has stayed at the top. I mean, c’mon…. look at the following pic… she looks damn fine for her age.
Cindy Crawford
I’d still do her [if her husband, Randy Gerber, wouldn’t kick my ass and if I were not married]
photo copied without permission from

My defining characteristic: I love to make people laugh.

My most evil moment: I think I’ve had a few and they have all revolved around revenge when someone REALLY PISSED ME OFF.

My favorite food: shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta. I also like to make it at home.

My grossest injury: Grinding my face into gravel after falling off my bike (1983).

My biggest hatred: Treating anyone (human or creatures) unkind in any way (including voting away their rights… see my previous post on No on Prop 8)

My most illegal activity: Getting arrested for shoplifting a Ted Nugent cassette when I was 15. Yes, this beats all of the drugs I’ve ingested over the years.

My need for justice: The lack of separation of church vs. state in many of our rules and laws. Keep them separate, please.

My most knowledgeable field: Email administration. It’s the one thing in IT that I still enjoy after 23 years. In 3 years, I hope I can give a different answer for this.

My life’s goal: To be a published novelist, to have a screenplay made into a movie (doesn’t have to be a major motion picture) and to still be able to walk when I’m 80.

My mother’s influence: She taught me how to be a responsible person in life. I hope that she knew I have very much appreciated this in life.

My nerdiest point: Too many to choose from. I get nerdy most days.

My oldest memory: I think I was 5 (1968). Riding my bike in front of our house on 5th Street in Garden Grove, CA on Christmas morning. I’ve been extra nostalgic over the last couple of years, which has brought back many cool and fun memories.

My perfect date: Oh wow… this question would have to be here. To be honest, I’ve not had too many perfect dates, but a date I think that would be perfect: before dinner drinks, a nice dinner, talking open about any subject, walk in a park, being relaxed and comfortable with the person I was on the date with.

My unanswered question: Who killed JFK? Seriously. Cause it wasn’t Oswald.

My random fact: I interviewed Bill Gates in 1993. It was only 5 minutes, but pretty cool. He’s pretty short.

My stupidest decision: Not taking a job opportunity over 7 years ago. I still wonder what would have happened.

My favorite television show: All time? That would be Get Smart. Currently? South Park is pretty close, but I don’t watch it that much anymore. Family Guy has me laughing a lot. The Simpsons is still pretty good. Can’t decide.

My style of underwear: Boxers. Mostly from Old Navy, but I like the ones from American Eagle the best.

My favorite vegetable: Brussel sprouts. Yes, I do like them. Asparagus is a close second even if it makes my pee smell weird after I eat it [Jester has already informed me that this doesn’t happen to everyone].

My weakest trait: I get distracted very easil…. uh.. what’s that? Oh.. let me check my email… who’s on Twitter?… uh.. what was it I was doing again? oh yeah… posting a new blog post.

My X-men power: Bending into any shape. Oh wait… that’s Fantastic 4.

My strongest yearning: to finish these stories I have started but not yet completed [can you tell I want to be a writer?].

My moment of Zen: Sunday morning, don’t need to be anywhere, it’s nice and warm outside, I am reading the newspaper and thinking of an idea for one of my stories, feeling content, no pressure… no worries.