My blogger friend Kim over at Ilax Studio posted a few musical questions back a week or so to her readers. And she encouraged us readers to post our answers in a comment on her blog post or create our own blog post. So I chose the latter.

Ask Away

  1. What song are you listening to on repeat now?
  2. – “Happiness is Overrated” by Airborne Toxic Event
    – this is my favorite song from this band, for many reasons, but it’s the repeated line “sorry, I really lost my head” that is quite clever, which explains my state of mind for the past many months.

  3. What song do you always listen to all the way through?
  4. – hard to choose just one song, but if I had to it’s “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode
    – there’s a certain flow to this song that I don’t want to stop when it starts. I call it a building song, which ends like an anthem.

  5. What is the last full album you downloaded?
  6. – “Talking Is Hard” by Walk The Moon – I just downloaded it a week ago and am still tracking it. So far, it’s good. I really liked their debut album and they have a good overall sound.

  7. What is the last soundtrack you downloaded?
  8. – it’s not “Frozen” I can tell you that. I rarely buy soundtracks so the last one I remember downloading was TRON: Legacy from 2010. It’s a brilliant work by Daft Punk before they got big with last year’s “Get Lucky”

  9. Are you able to listen to music and read?
  10. – Yes. One of the oddest combinations for a person who gets easily distracted. For some reason, I can better focus. But not all books. More like magazines and articles are easiest while music plays in the background.

  11. What is the last concert you attended?
  12. – Billy Idol almost 2 weeks ago. First time seeing him. It was a really great show. Amazing for a 58 year old guy that can still sing strong and perform to a sold out crowd.