Welcome to a new post category. Random Leakage.

Every so often, there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t always fit into a Scooter Sunday post that I just want to talk about. Random subjects that I don’t want to do a separate post on, but better fitted into a single post. And as the name implies, the post itself will be random… no set day of the week… whenever I feel like posting one.

Banal Leakage errata

I’ve added a few changes out here that I hope will improve the usability of the site.

  • Mobile – This site is mobile-enabled. And it’s been available since day one. I just haven’t blogged about it yet. Most browsers on phones should work. I’ve tested it on a few phones. Access via the iPhone shows the actual mobile site, not the full site. I am working to see if I can make changes so Mobile Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch will show the full site. If you have web access (and unlimited at that), give it a try and let me know if you liked it or not.
  • Comment features – I’ve added a couple of plugins for comments. The first is a comment preview, so now you have a chance to preview what you wrote before you post it. And a comment subscribe button. I have it off by default, so you have to remember to check it before clicking post if you want email notification of additional comments being left on a post.
  • Logos, graphics, icons – I am in the process of working on some icons and graphics for the site, like the main logo, Scooter Sunday, Random Leakage and other stuff. It’s a work in progress and may not show up until sometime later in the summer, but I want to try and fix this place up a bit, giving it a few frills.

I’ve also learned that WordPress really likes Safari instead of Firefox. Not sure why that is, but all of the admin functions work a lot better in Safari. No complaints here.

Not everything can be an improvement. Those of you using Internet Explorer 6 to access this blog have most likely noticed that it’s a bit broken. The whole right side of the blog gets pushed down to the end. I am trying to locate what part of the code is causing this, but it’s a work-in-progress. So it may be some time before I get it fixed. If you have access to Firefox or Safari on the Windows side of things, use them to access this blog for now. Or if you can, do the upgrade to Internet Explorer 7, which does work well.

I Love You This Much
I Love You This Much from kapgar

Back a few weeks ago, Kevin from kapgar gave several of us bloggers an award. It’s not an Emmy, Oscar or Webby, but it’s cool that someone shared the blog love. Thanks, Kevin. And I guess you are supposed to share the love with other bloggers, but all of the ones I know already have this award. I’ll just wait for a Webby and thank everyone in my acceptance speech.

Marvel Superhero

So Winter had this over on her latest blog post and I thought I would try it out.

Find out Which Marvel Superhero Are You at LiquidGeneration.com!

Iceman? I was hoping for someone more bad ass, but that’s the breaks, kid.

I will be back with another post later this week before heading out to Tahoe.