Episode 034

– Some Local, All Loco :

  • – recording this before I leave for my first travel with my current job, which was my Shameless Plug in Episode 032.
  • – And also covered in last week’s episode, I am seeing Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins tonight with Dave2 of Blogography; this show will be epic.
  • News – Story 1: UTA audit shows spending is out of control
  • – UTA General Manager Mike Allegra makes $402,000 a year in salary; bonuses for all higher ups; UTA recently won an award for top transit company in the US; they must not have ridden trains and buses late night; some bus lines were cut when Trax lines were rolled out due to budget constraints; yet we see over $5 million in annual salaries for UTA executive team; hard to justify the “due to budget cuts” when those leading the company make more than their counterparts at Salt Lake Airport and even MTA in New York City; a developer of a parking garage that he never built got $10 million, still owes UTA $1.7 million; I love public transit and ride Trax when I can; but costs need to be managed better and bus lines restored to help this system here in SLC get better for all commuters.
    – Link to article: UTA attacked, defended after tough audit

  • News – Story 2: Utah DABC surveys customers
  • – Utah is a liquor control state, run by the state government, laws and rules decided by the Legislature, of which 95% don’t drink or have never had a sip of alcohol (Mormons); they recently surveyed customers asking them what they wanted; longer hours was on the top of the list; over half of the 45 liquors stores statewide are open 11am to 7pm; larger stores are open until 10pm; all are closed Sundays and Holidays; mantra of the DABC is state law “to run a business and provide service to customers” but also there is the other state law of DABC to “prevent consumption of alcohol to an extent”; both are in direct conflict with each other; being a drinker in this state is difficult at times; some laws get better, while others stay odd and unfavorable to the consumer.
    – Link to article: Consumers want Utah liquor stores to offer better hours
    pat bagley cartoon

  • News – Story 3: 9 yr old girl, kill instructor at AZ gun range with an Uzi
  • – the 9 year old girl had permission from her parents to shoot at the range in Arizona; lost control of the gun and shot and skilled Charles Vacca; the family calls the shooting tragic; of course it was tragic; the gun was obviously too powerful for a 9 year old; hell, the gun would be too powerful for most people that don’t have experience firing a weapon of this type; most know my position on guns; I’m not against them, but feel semi-automatic and automatic weapons should be controlled more than they are now; gun laws in many states are very loose; my pro-gun friends and family justify them on most levels and are normally very silent when tragedies like this happen; when it comes to kids and guns, it seems odd that a 9 year can shoot a weapon like this, let wait till they 15 to drive, 18 to vote and 21 to drink alcohol; good to hear this is being investigated and maybe changes will be made; although this is Arizona we are talking about here.
    – Link to article: Girl who accidentally shot her instructor with an Uzi said the gun was too much for her
    reagan tan suit

  • RANT: Hating on Obama for wearing a tan suit
  • – Bitch, please; how many previous presidents wore tan suits? Many others including the beloved GOP saint Ronald Reagan; the hate must run deep for people to make so much out of this; sure poke a little fun, but it’s obvious that the fun goes too far for some and becomes just another complaint against our president; find something valid to complain about; too many vacation days! Really? Bush 43 He plays golf too much! Really? Bush 41 and 43 and Ford; find something that you want him to do better with, not celebrating the fails.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Market Basket employees strike and protest to return fired CEO
  • – a major grocery chain in New England had fired their CEO, based on the Board of Directors vote and their quest for more profits for their shareholders; at risk were the employees who were told of pending layoffs; so employees went on strike, customers supported their strike by not shopping at the grocer; revolt caused the company to lose $10 million a day in sales; CEO was re-hired; employees are going back to work; customers are returning to shop; all about greed for the higher ups and wanting to suck the profits out of the company; employees were dedicated and long tenured; this is what I like to see with corporations; showing that the ones who take the majority of money and not sharing with hard working employees; we need to see more corporations getting off the greed train.
    – Link to article: Market Basket: The Return of Boomer Activism

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