debbie marty
My friend Debbie and I at Temple Square in Salt Lake City on February 27, 2016

Debbie is a friend of mine who I’ve known at least 35 years. The last several years, we’ve connected on Facebook and even though we have our differences in some subjects and areas, she’s been nice and non-judgmental, which I’ve appreciated on many levels.

At the end of February, Debbie was traveling through Utah and I was going to be close to where she was visiting. I suggested a meet up and we spent almost an hour catching up outside the social limitations of the online world. I would say it had been a good 30 years since the last time we actually saw each other in person.

And speaking of 30 years ago…

Going Back To 1983

debbie johnson
Debbie on September 2, 1983

For the Throwback Thursday part of this post, I was going through some older photos in the last 6 months and found this one of Debbie. I know the date it was taken because I was smart enough to write it on the back of the photo. As to where this was taken at, I am going to guess it was an LDS Church function at someone’s home. It was on a Friday. I was a week away from leaving on a Mormon Mission, so it was probably a get together with many others.

I hope Debbie doesn’t mine me posting this. It’s a very flattering photo of her and I always thought she was a beautiful person. Here’s to many more years of friendship, Debbie.