Triscuit sitting, looking cute

It’s been over a month since I posted about our new loaner cat, Triscuit. She’s adjusted quite well to our 18 year old Rocko. They don’t hiss at each other anymore and he’s more jealous of her being able to speed up and down the stairs.

Vanity Kitty

She finds herself at home and is quite a pleasant cat. She’s also got a timid meow, which is a nice change from Rocko’s loud and obnoxious meowing at 4am.

laying back
Laying on her back

I’ve seen other cats lay on their back before, and it looks so uncomfortable for the cat, but Triscuit loves it. Lays around all the time like this.

triscuit tv
As long as she doesn’t raise her head, she’s fine next to the TV

She’s found a spot to be near us when the TV is on. It’s funny watching her ears move back and forth while the shows are on, trying to hear what’s being said. Of course, she runs like hell when we are watching an action show or movie.

Next update is video. I want to catch her in action.