sunny fall day
A nice fall day… could it be the last? Will there be more to enjoy?

I had such grand plans for enjoying what may be the last nice weekend in October for Utah.

I wanted to get a new episode of Scooter Sunday done, but that didn’t happen [I even had the entire script and everything ready to go film].

There was a trip to Lagoon that I missed out on with my wife, her granddaughter, her daughter and her brother [there’s always Universal Studios next week]

I did attend a friend’s 60th birthday party and had a few of these:

gin and tonic

And I cooked a turkey [or at least monitored the progress of it]

But mostly I spent time starting at one of these:

kleenex box

Fighting a cold is no fun, but I did my best to shake it quickly. I ingested all sorts of natural and over the counter products and ended up waking up this morning to just a cough.

I feel tons better this morning. Which is good.

Because in 6 days, I need to be well and rested for this:


Six more days… Six more days…