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No, it’s not a new product from Apple… just a blog post with updates on my recent use of all the iDevices I own.

iPad 2

ipad 2 box
Boxed up

I sold my first generation iPad to a friend in anticipation of being able to get an iPad 2 on opening day. As it turns out they are in high demand. But thanks to a nice tip from an Apple fan I follow on Twitter, I was able to get the white 16gb wifi model not that long after the initial release date. Just a small wait in line was all it took.

Peeking out from behind the Smart Cover

First impressions are: it’s fast. A marginal increase in speed and response time. The screen appears to be brighter and clearer, but that may just be me. Battery life hasn’t been quite as good as my 1st gen iPad, but I’m sure it will get close to the 9.3 hours I enjoyed before.

ipad2 screen
The white bezel seems to not be a distraction, which is good

I did backup of my original iPad before I sold it and after updating iTunes to version 10.2.1, I was able to do a full restore that brought over all of my settings, icon placement, folder names and everything else that made me fall in love with the iPad in the first place.

iPod nano

ipod nano 5th gen
Get it on.. got to get it on… Adam Carolla podcast is always on!

I have an iPod nano that I use for most of my podcast and music listening and the battery life on it became very limited – going from 18-20 hours to just over 2 hours before needing a charge. Thanks to the Genius Bar [and it still being under warranty], I got it replaced and it’s back to it’s awesome state of awesome sauce again [translated, that means 20 hours of solid run time between charges]. This nano also has a camera for taking VGA-quality video, not to mention also being able to play videos. Easily my favorite iPod I’ve ever owned.

iPhone 1st generation retired

iphone 2g
iPhone 2008 – 2011 – you performed well

Back in October of 2009, I blogged about my first iPhone, which I was given by a good friend. I used this iPhone as my secondary phone until the next year when this same friend gave me her iPhone 3GS, which is my current iPhone.

Since that time, this original iPhone has been just a fancy iPod touch, albeit slow and not able to run any apps made for iOS 4.x. So it was time today to turn it off and place it in it’s box for good. It’s staying around in my arsenal of older gadgets and PDAs [which I’ve deemed the Retro Hall of Fame].

Jailbroken No More

iPhone 3GS
No more jailbreak

Just before Christmas, I blogged about how I was stuck at iOS 4.0.1 because my iPhone needed to be jailbroken and unlocked in order to be used as an AT&T prepaid phone. Well thanks to some searching, I found a great tutorial for updating to iOS 4.2.1. And as an added bonus, I no longer needed to jailbreak or unlock the phone. I got to step 8 of the linked instructions and I was done. Phone calls, text messages and data just worked. Of course, a week later, there was an update, but at least now I could be at a more current iOS release for compatibility purposes.

Next: Mac mini retired

One of these days, I will decide what to do with my original Mac mini. And when I do, I’ll be sure to provide an update on it’s history and what I ended up doing with it after it was retired last year [replaced with a newer Mac mini].