Ghosts Again
New Depeche Mode song

UPDATE: this was originally supposed to post on Feb 12, 2023 when the new single came out. I realized I never clicked Post then. The full album review is coming soon.

My favorite band of all time – Depeche Mode – has released a new single “Ghosts Again” Give it a listen below.

My Thoughts

Well, this is a return to when songs by this Essex UK band were played to death because they are just great. It’s not surprise that the last couple of albums were, shall we say, lackluster. I admit to liking a fair number of songs from 2017’s “Spirit” but this new single grabbed me like “Precious” did from the 2005 album “Playing The Angel”

I think this brings a lot of promise for this band. They lost their band leader Andrew Fletcher last May and I was preparing myself for the end of the band. But Martin and Dave carried on and this first song from the forthcoming album “Memento Mori” gives this long time fan promise for something great.