murray house
The home we ended up moving to after selling our house

Originally intended to post on 7/15/2019

In June, I posted about selling the previous house we lived in [and my reluctance in selling the house]. This post is about the house we moved to, which is a rental for now as both my wife and I decide where we want to end up on a more permanent basis.

Renting For Now

murray house
Another view of the home we now live in

This house we are renting is owned by my step daughter and one that she has owned for about 10 years now. She planned to purchase a 3 story condo about 3 miles away, which is what she did in May. For me and my moving anxieties, this was a back and forth situation that went from mid April till the end of June where we were in a place with the buyers of the previous home and the fixes and changes we had to make due to the FHA loan requirements.

One of those changes that was bordering on bizarre was the FHA inspectors told us our garbage disposal was broken. The thing is that we didn’t have a garbage disposal and the inspectors didn’t take 10 seconds to look under the sink to see that. That was a 3 day delay in me having to take a photo of under the sink to show there was no garbage disposal and then having to get the FHA inspectors to take that off the “fix list”.

Back to the moving part. My wife spent the last 3 weeks moving stuff from our old house to this rental. The official move day was July 8, 2019. Two days before we moved in, the air conditioner unit died at the rental. The middle of summer when it finally gets hot here in Utah. So 3 days after we moved in, it was replaced so we didn’t have to suffer in the heat for the last half of summer. The house is about 450 sq ft smaller than the previous house, but has a 2 car garage with enough room to park the two cars, the scooter and a good 20 boxes/containers of my shit that I’ve collected over the last 30 years. There is a yard which is smaller than our previous house, but big enough for the cats and other critters that visit and live here.

Home For Now

We can rent here as long as we need to and we are anticipating being here at least 2 years. So come July 2020, I will blog again and give my 1 year thoughts. For now, this is home and the cats have adjusted, which after the A/C unit replacement, that is enough to calm my anxieties down and keep some part of me from always being overwhelmed.