Episode 026

– You’ve Got Male :

  • – I spent the extended weekend with my wife in San Francisco; it was our 6th anniversary; she had never been to the city; had a great time exploring the city; can’t wait to go back
  • – which is why this podcast is being posted a day later than usual; am traveling again this week, so another delay will happen with next week’s podcast.
  • News – Story 1: Kate Kelly, founder of Ordain Women, gets excommunicated from the LDS church
  • – a panel made up of only men decided that Ms. Kelly’s questioning was regarded as apostasy, which was never the stance of the Ordain Women group; they simply wanted to be treated equally; the LDS church is led by an all male-priesthood which calls the shots for everything related to the the church; women want to feel they are treated equally; the church has a history of inequality; Blacks not allowed to get priesthood until 36 years ago; I grew up Mormon and left some 18 years ago; changes happen, but church issued PR statement that says otherwise in response to this decision; says members allowed to ask questions; my experience in questioning things highly discouraged; sad for those like Ms. Kelly who believe but are kicked out for questioning.
    – Link to article: Mormons Expel Founder of Group Seeking Priesthood for Women

  • News – Story 2: US Supreme Court decides that Hobby Lobby can use religious beliefs to deny contraception coverage
  • – back in Episode 13, I talked about the pending Hobby Lobby trial; today, the SCOTUS ruled 5-4 in favor of allowing the private business to exclude a few contraceptives they feel are too much like abortion; so not all contraceptives denied; wrong to let private business to use their closely held beliefs to deny coverage they feel are offensive to their beliefs; Hobby Lobby used to cover the Plan B and Ella before the ACA mandated coverage; hypocrisy at it’s best; the company 401k invests in the very same companies that produce the above contraceptives; this court decision has a far reaching effect, even though the majority opinion states this is limited; all 3 women justices voted against this; another male dominated decision; this decision limited to only Christian beliefs; all other religions left out; numerous challenges will come from this.
    – Link to article: Supreme Court Rejects Contraceptives Mandate for Some Corporations

  • News – Story 3: US no-fly list ruled unconstitutional
  • – a federal judge ruled that the no fly list, which contains those not allowed to fly on aircraft in the US, violates the Constitution; no provision or process allowing those on the list to challenge for removal; I don’t know anyone on this list, but reading various stories, there are those who are innocent and are on the list; similar names have lots of people on the list when they shouldn’t be; there needs to be a process for removal if you are not supposed to be on the list; this would infuriate me to find out that just because of a typo or having a similar name, that I would be banned from flying – with no recourse for removing my name; needs to change.
    – Link to article: Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution

  • RANT: TSA rule limiting liquids for carry on still in effect
  • – for almost 8 years now, the TSA has limited the amount of liquids you are able to carry with you onto the plane; a quart zip lock bag with multiple 3 oz or less containers; this all over the London liquid bomb incident, which was foiled before they boarded any planes; another reactionary restriction placed on the flying public; makes money for those who produce 3 oz containers; take off your shoes still in effect, too; surprised they don’t make us take off our underwear; of course, larger than 3 oz containers can go into your checked bag, underneath the plane; someday, we’ll have this rule changed.
    queen adam

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Adam Lambert joins Queen on Tour
  • – All of your Freddie Mercury purists can start your bitching now; I think Adam is a great choice for this tour; incredible voice; not trying to copy Freddie; similar stances and stage presence, but it’s all Adam adding his touches; I’m a huge Queen fan from the beginning, but think it’s something cool to see Brian May and Roger Taylor out with another singer; why not let them continue to perform; I never saw Queen back in the day, and they have no tour date here in Utah; would love to see this tour if I could travel to it.
    – Link to article: Queen + Adam Lambert interview

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