Hands Up, Don’t Shoot :

  • – this episode is all about the recent police shootings and deaths and surrounding protests and outrage.
  • – I know some of you might disagree with me; leave your thoughts in the comments for the show notes blog post and we can have a civil discussion.
  • hands up don't shoot

  • News – Story 1: Ferguson, MO; Michael Brown
  • – my thoughts on everything that’s happened since the August 9th tragedy.
    – Link to article: A Startling Admission By The Ferguson Prosecutor Could Restart The Case Against Darren Wilson

  • News – Story 2: New York City, NY; Eric Garner
  • – my thoughts on everything that’s happened since the July 17th tragedy.
    – Link to article: ‘I can’t breathe’: Eric Garner put in chokehold by NYPD officer – video

  • News – Story 3: Cleveland, OH; Tamir Rice
  • – my thoughts on everything that’s happened since the November 22nd tragedy.
    – Link to article: Cleveland officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice judged unfit for duty in 2012

  • News – Story 4: Two Brooklyn police officers shot point blank by Baltimore gang member
  • – the December 20th incident was shocking on all levels; the sadness and horrid act in deplorable on so many levels; Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were in their patrol car when the killer (I refuse to mention his name here) walked up and shot them; then he ran to a nearby subway station and killed himself; non-violent supporters of those black lives that were lost quickly denounced these murders of cops; this killer was not related to peaceful protesters; his actions are not how to respond to police killing unarmed individuals; the amount of violent acts is horrific and it needs to stop.
    – Link to article: Gunman “Assassinates” 2 NYPD Officers in Brooklyn, Kills Self: Officials

  • RANT: Police officers defending each other at all costs
  • – they are human and can make mistakes and lapses in judgement; I’m no way against cops trying to protect and serve; but those who treat cops as “walking on water” need to stop; why the kill or be killed mentality; protecting your own without criticism makes you just as divided as those who only think black people get shot by white cops; yes, the media does tend to slant things; and yes, black cops shoot white people; but the disproportionate number of those getting shot makes for a case that can’t be ignored; shoot to injure if you feel you need to; why always shooting to kill; most of those getting shot and killed are unarmed; the lack of indictments is appalling; police make mistakes; admitting that doesn’t mean you don’t support your own; it means you want your own to do better.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: I support peaceful protestors
  • – last episode, I mentioned in my rant how much stupidity it is to loot and damage the city during times of protesting; those who are peaceful and out in the public protesting should be treated humanely; yes, they block traffic sometimes and can be a nuisance when your commute is affected; that doesn’t mean they need to be hit with billy clubs or be shot with a gun; there are better ways to manage a peaceful group of protestors; we expect more from our law enforcement and that means better treatment of unarmed public citizens.

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