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Back in late February, Stone Temple Pilots formally fired Scott Weiland as their lead singer. While Scott has had his issues over the years, this still came as a complete shock to this long time fan of the band. What would they do now? Reform Army Of Anyone or Talk Show?

Nope. STP lives on.

Fast forward to this past weekend when Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, appears in a 40 minute live set at the annual KROQ Weenie Roast. Check out the YouTube clip below for a 10 min portion of the live set.


New Song “Out Of Time”

Not only was there a live show with Chester, they also found the time to record a new song in the studio. Take a listen below.

“Out Of Time”

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I like this song. But I have to admit being a long time fan of Scott’s vocals and not really much of a Linkin Park fan [except for their debut and most recent albums], it needs to grow on me. But I admit that Chester has some vocal talent to bring to the STP table.

The Future Of STP

As Chester has confirmed, he is in this for the long/short haul. I guess we’ll see what future studio sessions and live events bring to this mash-up.