Today, I can now say that I now have a published work of fiction.

As Winter/Lex so very well explained in her blog post a couple weeks ago, she had a project that she was working on back in April 2009 and asked if I would be interested in submitting a short story. She and I had talked before about my previous writing experience, which most of it was software reviews and technical columns in various publications over the years.

I decided to take on the assignment and spent a good deal of time going over a story I already had, polishing it up, learning how not to “head hop” and going through several edit sessions with the main editor.

Weirdly III

Weirdly III
The cover of the story compilation

The end result is called “Double Or Nothing”, which is just one of the 15 odd, weird, creepy, demonic and paranormal tales included in the Weirdly III compilation book from Wild Child Publishing. The short story is about a talented and energized singer who makes a wish to have more than one of him, causing his real and surreal worlds collide.

Lex Valentine, aka Winterheart from Sunlight Sucks, also has one of her signature erotica stories, “Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Hellhound” which is a very good (and very erotic) read about a demon who tries his best to take over the souls of the misguided.

To purchase a copy of Weirdly III, head over to this link. It’s initial release is an ebook in PDF format. If sales are good, it will go to print, which would be exciting to have my first work of fiction in print.

I want to thank Winter for this great opportunity. I am hoping this will be the first of many published works you will see from me.