The full album version of the song “Loving The Alien”

I am starting a new segment of my Music Monday posts called My Favorite Song. I will focus on a song that is my all time favorite from a band or artist. I think about this whenever I am driving or listening to music by myself and that favorite song comes on be it the radio, SiriusXM, my iPhone or iPod or a CD.

I chose David Bowie as the artist to start this off as he is one of my all time favorite artists. I’ve had such a long history with his music. He is still very much missed here since his death a year ago January.

“Loving The Alien”
the official music video for the song “Loving The Alien”

This song is the first track on the 1984 album “Tonight” This album followed up 1983’s “Let’s Dance” which was Bowie’s most commercially successful. The album is a mix of new songs, covers and dark tracks. “Loving The Alien” was a song that Bowie wrote about his “intense dislike for organized religion” and his feelings on so much in history is wrong, ignoring the depth and knowledge that causes a rediscovery of history to keep happening.

There were two versions of the song. The album version, which is the version I consider the best as it’s longer – more than 7 mins – as opposed to the single version, which is just under 5 mins.

Bowie’s vocals on this song are so vast, and strong and really show off his range. Bowie was at the ultimate height of his musical career and his creative side was so well known to many of his long time fans, even those who didn’t like his commercial success.

Musically, this song has a lot going on. The guitar the finishes the song is solid. The whole chorus and keyboards and xylophone tones help cement the greatness of this song. And the graduated notes that start at 1:44 and lead into the first chorus are well placed.

It’s hard enough to pick just one song that stands out as a favorite of David Bowie’s extensive catalog. But for me, “Loving The Alien” is one that I always come back to and embrace so much on many levels.