marty 60
I turned 60 on August 6th

Back in late December 2022, I blogged that I had long overdue updates to share out here. Well, 8 months later, and now being 60 years old, here are those updates I promised. And even more has happened since then so I’m adding those now.


I have only briefly mentioned my Type 2 diabetes out here. Not for any reason other than I just didn’t post any updates on it. Back in January 2020, I had a retinal occlusion that scared me. That’s when I started to get more serious about taking care of my Type 2 diabetes. I was already taking metFormin and Glimipiride daily, but that wasn’t helping. So I switched doctors, got to regular testing my blood and started to be better at following a healthier diet. My testing numbers were normally around 160mg/dl with spikes as high as 310 mg/dl and rarely as low as 100 mg/dl which would be for those who don’t have Type 2 diabetes.

Fast forward to 7 weeks ago when I finally got my doctor to prescribe Ozempic, a once a week injection to help lower my numbers. Now my average is around 120 md/dl and I am waiting to see what my A1C is after my doctor visit yesterday when they did blood work on me. My last A1C was 7.7, and was as high as 8.1 back in March 2020.


At the beginning of May, I posted about my marriage ending. The first week of June, I found a place to rent, packed up my things, took one of the cats [Forrest the 5.5 year old gray cat that I’ve posted on my Instagram a few times] and started living on my own. Almost 3 months later, I have decided that I am still adjusting to living alone. You spend 22 years with someone with a couple of 8 month breaks we took where I lived with a couple of friends, and you realize that even with the regular arguments and fights that escalated – especially over the last 4 years – that you got used to being with someone else in the same house. While my cat Forrest keeps me company, it’s not the same as regular human communication.

Reba and I are mostly civil when we do talk or hang out. We don’t fight anymore because we don’t live in the same house anymore. She is relieved that I am not living with her anymore as my anxiety and our fights wore on her. And I get that, but even with the reasons for our split were very evident, the being lonely feeling is a difficult adjustment. I do spend time with my daughter often which helps, and I have friends that keep in contact with me and we hang out when time permits. I spent the 4th of July at a friends’ house in Austin TX. He has a pool, which was nice to have for the 5 days I was there. And I really appreciated his company and being to talk and vent to him.


They say time heals all wounds, and to that I say: not always. But let’s see what happens for the rest of this year when I post more updates on how life is with me.