CPAC Russian Flag

News – Story 1: Detained at airports is using any connection to the banned 7 countries to deny entry to the US
News – Story 2: American terrorists get no mention from Trump administration on their murders and attempted targets to kill large numbers of people
News – Story 3: CPAC attendees were handed Russian flags with the word “TRUMP” on them

  • RANT: Winter is done, Spring is here and I can’t wait for Summer
  • – yeah, let’s just skip right past spring and go into the warm summer months; I know that’s not possible, but it’s what I look forward to each and every year after dealing with winter months of cold, snow and ice; this winter was colder than others and we got a lot of snow over the 3 official months; and spring here in Utah isn’t really spring for the most part as we do get some pretty wet and heavy snow days all the way into the first part of June; yes, I’ve experienced snow on Memorial Day several times in the 28 years that I’ve lived here; I keep telling myself that I will move to a warmer climate, but it never happens; mostly due to family here and I’ve not put a lot of effort into leaving the state; as I get closer to the age of 55, I might end up putting more efforts into this warmer climate business; until then, there are more winters in my future.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: 89th Academy Awards
  • – my thoughts on the broadcast, the host Jimmy Kimmel, who won, what movies I’ve seen that were nominated and won and the Best Picture mixup

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  • Disorder at Airports as Travelers Are Detained Without Lawyers
  • He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one
  • An Actual False-Flag Operation at CPAC