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Early Morning Voter

Since 1982, I have been a regular voter. Since 1984, I’ve voted in all General Elections. This year is the mid-term elections, where the balance of power could shift. So it’s important that every person that is registered to vote to exercise their civic duty, regardless of your political leanings.

Voter ID

voter ID
Voter ID Laws In Effect

But not every registered voter gets to vote. Sometimes it’s related to recently moving and not updating your address. Other times, it’s new laws in some states that further restrict voters – even with ID cards.

You see, there’s this massive Voter fraud that’s happening all over, where people are cheating and using their expired IDs to vote multiple times, stealing the vote to get their candidates in office.

Oh wait, it’s not massive and the numbers are a fraction of a percent. But for some reason, we think that 93 year old Veterans are going to hijack the vote with their expired drivers license, which worked fine for many years of voting with nary a single act of fraud committed. Instead, we are now treating the civic duty of voting like boarding a plane or making a credit card purchase over $50.

The elderly that have expired driver’s licenses. Nope, you are trying to commit fraud. Trying to obtain a copy of your birth certificate so you can go get an updated ID? Sorry, but we can’t dedicate resources to those who are trying to get legit for fear there might be some kind of shady actions you are wanting to enact.

The only fraud going on here is the perpetuation of voting fraud to disenfranchise voters. I’m not against proving who you are to vote, but when you produce 3 different documents and forms of identification that worked for many years WITHOUT suspicion of fraud, and still can’t vote, there is something wrong with the new restrictions. Those who create these new restrictions know exactly what they are doing. And it needs to stop.

So ensure you have your “papers” when you go vote. Because if you don’t have them all correct and up-to-date, you might just be trying to commit “fraud” without actually knowing it.

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