oreo cinnamon bun
Oreos flavored like Cinnamon buns

I’ve been a real slacker in reviewing the various flavors of Oreos that I purchase and consume. In fact, it’s been since February – almost 9 months ago – that I last reviewed Brownie Batter Oreos. Time to get caught up here.

Let’s start with Cinnamon Bun Oreos.

Different Cookie

oreo cinnamon bun
This cookie looks different

Unlike the original Oreos, the cookie is different, which is similar to the change of the cookie that some of the various special edition Oreos have done. The cookie tastes like a cinnamon cookie, quite literally. The flavor was spot on cinnamon and how they were able to replicate the taste is pretty awesome.

Not Limited Edition

oreo cinnamon bun
The inside icing/filling

The icing in the middle is very close to the icing found on cinnamon buns. While not homemade, it’s more like what you find at food places that serve cinnamon buns. The overall flavor of this entire Oreo puts it pretty high on my list of the various flavored Oreos that I’ve tried over the years.

One thing to note from the package is the lack of a “Limited Edition” label. Which like the Oreo Birthday Cake flavor has done after it’s debut, this could stick around for the long haul.

I certainly hope so as these are really good and I plan to regularly purchase them.