a new bag and it’s a Timberland

I bought another bag to carry my daily tech stuff in. The last bag I bought isn’t quite 8 months old. I tend to use various bags and backpacks until I find one that I like. Obviously I was wanting a change.

This new bag is from Timberland and I paid $30 for it [including tax and free shipping]. It was originally $98 [and has since sold out]. So far, I really like this one. It’s not a backpack style. More over the shoulder messenger style. But still holds everything I need. Once I get more used to carrying it around, I will do another post of what I carry in inside and how it looks on me.


This is my third Timberland bag, which means that I really do like their products. Took me a few months to find one that piqued my interest enough to purchase. Also, the $30 price helped a lot. I mean, if I got thing and didn’t like it, I could easily return it or simply find someone else that would like it. After I opened it from the packing box, I knew it would be a good fit.

So for now, it’s a nice change from the backpack style that I’ve used for the last many years, including my last one that I carried with me for the past 7 months.


my last bag, a Case Logic backpack

For the last 7 months, I carried my laptop, iPad and various cables and such in this Case Logic backpack. I paid $53 for it and it was very sturdy and held my stuff quite well. Why did I switch? There was an odd thing about how it rubbed against the bottom of my back and certain shirts would get rolled up with the back and forth movement of the backpack. It was annoying for 5 of the 7 months I carried this bag and I was looking for something to replace it with.

I discussed this annoying feature with the Case Logic people at the most recent CES 2016 show I attended in Las Vegas a month ago. They took note and hoped that I would find another backpack [preferably their brand] that would better fit my back.

The last two bags before this Case Logic one were backpacks. I still have one of them, a Timberland, which will get it’s picture taken in the next part of this series.


Slim backpack by Hynes Eagle

I also have a much smaller, lighter and thinner backpack made by Hynes Eagle that I use for quick grab and go needs. I simply grab the pouch I keep my MacBook and iPad Air 2 in, stick it in this backpack and it’s much easier to carry as I am leaving 90% of everything I daily carry behind. For those times where all I want is just my two portable items, it’s really liberating.

Thin backpack is very thin

It’s thin so I can’t carry a lot… just the essentials. Let’s see if I can take some pics of it in action for another part in this series. Yes, I am trying to get more posts out here and this is an incentive.

Any questions, ask away and I will answer them as best as I can before I do a part 2.