It’s back.

Scooter Sunday
Returned, but….

Two weeks to the day, I got my scooter back from being repaired. If you remember from two weeks ago, I talked about how the service department at Honda World Salt Lake screwed up my scooter. They repaired it and covered the costs, but it took them almost two weeks to order ONE part. ONE FUCKING PART! How did they ship that… Pony Express? Obviously I was low on the list of priority. During that time, I spent an extra $110 in gas for my car that I was hoping to have saved due to the nice weather that welcomed a daily scooter ride to work.

On top of all this, I had asked them to clean the burnt brake dust and residue that was formed on my front rim from the damage. So getting the scooter back on Thursday, I immediately checked it out, seeing that nothing was done or touched in the two weeks my scooter sat. So I inquired, “The front rim still has the brake residue on it. I thought that was going to get cleaned off.” Their response was, “We didn’t have enough time to get to that.”

same picture, nothing changed.
Same picture because nothing was changed

Didn’t have enough time? WTF? The scooter sat for 12 days before someone touched it. One of the techs couldn’t have taken 15 minutes with some cleaner and at least make an attempt to try to please a pissed off customer? EPIC FAIL. I am now a former customer that is looking for another service department that will treat a customer with both respect and urgency.

Throughout this whole ordeal, I have learned a few things:

  • Don’t trust the official Honda service department to fix things as they should.
  • Asking for something simple in today’s world means “We really don’t plan on doing anything extra for you, the paying customer.”
  • Inspect everything before leaving the shop to make sure nothing got fucked up in the process
  • I really missed my scooter

    But the scooter is now home and is getting ridden for every possible trip I take around town.

    The Police

    For anyone that is a fan of 80’s music, you will remember the band The Police. After an almost 25 year absence to the state of Utah, they made their return to the state for a concert on Saturday night as part of their reunion tour, which started in May 2007.

    My daughter and I saw them in Denver last June, during one of the first few performances. It was an incredible show and we enjoyed their over 2 hour set. So we obviously wanted to go see them again (for this show, she went with her mother – I took my wife and step daughter).

    The Police live at USANA Ampitheater
    Photo taken by Keith Johnson, Deseret News

    And while they sounded really good and their performance was top notch, their set list was cut short by a few songs… actually, about 30 minutes worth of classic tunes — “Spirits in the Material World” “Canary in a Coal Mine” “Bring on the Night” “Synchronicity II” — all songs they performed during the first leg of the tour last year.

    I guess in the winding down of this tour and the conclusion of them performing together [their final show is August 7th at Madison Square Garden in NYC], they are using the boilerplate option to get through these last 13 shows. Even with this, I still enjoyed seeing them live again [This was my 3rd time seeing them live – the first being in September 1983] and will be glad that my family got to see them live, too.

    Next Time on BL

    So that’s all for now. My next post will be my review of The Dark Knight, which we will be going to see on Monday night. Until then, thanks for stopping by.