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Comment Hell on Blogspot

blogspot comment
Captcha.. user ID, password, wash, rinse, repeat

I follow a decent amount of blogs that use Blogger.com (Google’s Blogspot). To leave comments on any of them, I need to use my Google account [or OpenID is another choice] on top of also entering a captcha. While I understand the need to keep spammers out, it’s a mind-numbing process to leave a comment most of the time, having me enter my Google user name and password, clicking on Preview. Then entering the captcha, then entering my password again, hitting Preview, then once I’m logged in and verifying my comment is there, then hitting Publish.

So why do I have to do that each and every time I visit? Because it seems that after a few days, Google logs me out from that particular blog, for security reasons. So when I go to leave a comment on a post, there is no captcha phrase showing. In order for one to be generated, you must be logged in.

Once I get logged in, then a captcha phrase shows up. But then my password is blanked out. So I must then login again in order for it to keep my credentials. My reason to hit Preview each time is so that I don’t lose my comment [which has happened many times] throughout the several logins.

Am I doing this wrong or are there others who experience this same crazy process?

Bear With Me Here

cinnamon bears
Thumbs way down for this brand

Both my wife and I love those cinnamon bears that are like jelly candies. So good. And we normally get them at the local grocery store, most often picking up the generic brand. They are pretty damn tasty.

In my pre-Valentine’s shopping, I had some trouble finding the heart-shaped ones, and even more trouble finding the brand we normally get. So I found something that looked good.

BLECH! Horrible. They had a stale taste to them, hardly any cinnamon bite and were just plain bad.

Reminder: never get the Sweet brand ever again. Best to try another store.

Windows 7

Windows 7
Original image found on Addictive Tips

It’s been the better part of a year since I started using Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro under VMware Fusion. I’ve had to since some of the remote users at my day job have bought new computers and I needed something to help me help them when they need to get connected to our network. I have to admit, as a die hard Mac user, that it’s not bad. It seems Microsoft didn’t want round two of the hated OS known as Vista. And from what I’ve found, they left pretty much all of it behind. Sure, there’s new ways of doing things when compared to Windows XP, but moving forward was never without roadblocks.

But, I disgres. It wasn’t until the beginning of January when my work actually purchased any computers that could run Windows 7 [all previous systems would choke trying to run anything greater than Windows XP]. In fact, we weren’t even given a choice to run Windows XP. The systems only came with Windows 7.

Some of those new systems are also running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. It’s been a small challenge getting some our legacy apps we use around here to run under 64-bit. Which means, we find work arounds. Such is the life in the IT world.

Any Windows 7 users out there? How are you liking it? Any stories to tell?