Yes, it’s been a long time between updates on my workout progress. If you are patient, still believe I can do this and are ready for honest and labored details, you are in for a treat. Otherwise, wait for my next blog post.

Since We Last Updated

Way back in November of 2008, I updated my progress on how my workout plan was going.

But then something happened. My gym closed in early December 2008. Not a problem. 24 Hour Fitness was offering Bally’s members to work out for free for the rest of the month, which I continued to do. But when it came time to sign up for a regular membership, their payment plan wasn’t something I wanted to do. They required first and last months up front and took the monthly dues from a checking or credit card account [I have some serious issues with gyms in this area] and didn’t have a pay up front plan that worked for me. So as of January 1, 2009, I was without a place to work out.

No problem. I’ll go over to my wife’s sister’s house three days a week. They have a treadmill, elliptical and free weights. But even though they were gracious hosts, after a few visits, it wasn’t what I was looking for.

And so the year ended up being me not working out.

The Food

For the most part of 2009, I kept to my diet, but by the end of August, I reintroduced hamburgers and other messy treats into my weekly intake of carbs. Drinking alcohol was still moderated well, so I had that going for me [except for the occasional party]. But eating what I wanted and not doing any formal exercising, I was back to where I was at the end of September 2008.

workout stats 2008 end
My basic stats through Dec 31, 2008

As you can see from above, when I was regularly working out, my stats were showing results and a healthy drop in weight in just a couple of months. My weight today is 185. I gained 13 lbs over the course of a year. Nothing extremely bad, but for me, a sore disappointment.

side by side
same as it ever was

The photos that were in my first workout post still reflect what I look like. The little bit of loss and toning that happened came back. I’m sure there is a bit more on my chin since then, but in the end, I’m in the same place I was. Frustrating, but it’s the result of doing pretty much nothing.

From Nothing To Something

Now four days into 2010 and I’ve done nothing, until now. I am making a plan for both diet and exercise, heavier on the exercise side of things. It’s time that I got myself back into shape. I’ve had all I can take of myself feeling tired and out of shape.

Does this mean I’ve joined a gym? Not at this time, but I am open to that. Most of it involves finding one that has multiple payment options, including pre-paid. Until then, I am starting with the basics: walking, stretching and using an exercise ball. In discussing this matter of getting me back into shape with a medical professional, it was suggested that I start with simple exercises before I go full on into running 30 mins a day. Work up to it over the next four weeks, building some stamina and then working in more cardio. I also have something fun I’m going to add in here and will reveal it in a future update [no, it’s not Wii Fit Plus, but maybe down the road].

On the diet side of things, soups and salads, veggies for snacks and an increase of water are part of this first 4 weeks. Also, a couple nights a week, some protein in the form of meat or soy [which I am not a fan of, but will try it as was suggested] and minimal starches like rice and potatoes. One positive that I did in 2009 was to start eating smaller portions, so that habit is set. It’s rare that I eat any big meals as I get full pretty quick. When my wife and I go out to eat, we almost always share a meal. So the diet will not be that difficult to stick to.

The Challenge

I went back to my previous posts throughout the year to see if there was anything that I did that tried to kick me back into gear. I found a post by Nilsa where she challenged her readers to some form of exercise. I accepted that challenge, made whatever efforts I did, and then let it go. Not that I did it on purpose, mind you. But it was just something that happened.

So I’m reinvigorating the challenge from Nilsa and am going to make this work. There are other pieces to my life that need some attention, which I will cover in a separate blog post. But for this one, I think getting more energy and starting to get fit again will help the other lacking parts.

As before, my wife is doing her own workout schedule, but wishes for me to not include her in updates. But I’m sure at some point, she’ll allow me to do some sort of update out here. At least a photo showing some progress.

Future Updates

All future updates [yes, there will be future updates… I’m holding my own feet to the fire this time.] will be under the Exercise category. I may title this set of posts going forward and get fancy with a logo.

And here we go….