So this week, I was called a “Pompous Asshole”. It stemmed from a political discussion I had with someone on Twitter. A friendly debate, or so I thought. But obviously I must have said something to set the other person off, because after a Twitter screen refresh, there it was:



In all seriousness, I don’t know if I’ve been called that before. I’m sure there’s been things I’ve done or said in life to possibly deserve such a label. I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be. But it just came across pretty harsh. Even my ex-wife never called me anything that harsh before [at least not face-to-face].

Plus, what’s a pompous asshole supposed to look like?

Bill O'Reilly
“You sir are no Lincoln! You are a jerk and a small-minded individual”

See… he fits the pompous label: name calling, cuts his guest off before they can respond to any questions, yelling obscenities when he doesn’t get his way…. the very definition of pompous asshole. But I don’t recall resorting to name calling, cutting off the other person or yelling obscenities.

The Facial

Maybe I didn’t see myself when I was Twittering. There’s got to be some sort of physical look that belongs with the verbiage:

Marty the asshole
“Am I being pompous enough?”

Hmmm… that just doesn’t seem right. It’s not fitting. I feel angry, but not really pompous angry. Bill O’Reilly, you are safe with being the poster child for pompous asshole.

Ok. I think it’s because I was trying too hard to be pompous. Looking at a recent image of myself to see if without even trying to be pompous… maybe it’s just there and I didn’t know it at the time:

Tiff and her
“Uh dad… you are not looking pompous enough”

Nope. I just don’t see it. So it’s not a physical thing.

Maybe I missed something that I said to this other person…. going back to the conversation at hand, I find these responses:

I’m not for opposing the candidate. Just question and research them before proclaiming your full support for them.

and this one:

oh I don’t expect you to know. it’s ok.

Both of these were in response to a question about GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin’s support for the Bridge To Nowhere. So I can see that *maybe* my responses could be taken as rude or sarcastic. But “pompous asshole”?

Kiss and Make up

So I pushed an envelope and responded with a comment that pushed a button, sent an email of apology and moved on.

In the future, as I learn from experiences like this, I tread much lighter with some people. I can respect when someone throws out the “You went too far” card. I try to be sensitive to people’s feelings and if I overstep a boundary, I admit it. Now does that sound like something a “pompous asshole” would do? I don’t think so.