Yes, I went shopping on Black Friday. But… BUT… I didn’t do the crazy shit by getting up at 2am and waiting for the store to open. Nope, not this year. It was freezing at that hour. Like around 5 degrees. I waited until 8am, went to two stores and was done. I am proud to have done some online shopping, too.

But that’s really not what this post is about. In my shopping today, I looked at some of the flash drives that were on sale and decided to replace my current flash drives. Which got me thinking.. “Why do I need all of these flash drives?”


used 4gb 8gb
They served me well. Now onto serving someone else

Let’s give these away to my readers. I have a 4gb Sandisk and an 8gb Sandisk. As odd as that may sound to give away used flash drives, they do work great. They’ve got some exterior wear on them, which I like to call “field tested” [they’ve mostly traveled in my pocket.. I’ve even cleaned all the pocket lint out of them]. I even have a brand new, in the package 4gb USB flash drive to give away [for those that may not want something used]

4gb new
Brand new, never been used or opened.

So leave a comment, I will use some sort of random guessing tool and pick 3 winners. If there’s only one comment, you get all 3 [no hacking allowed on my blog to delete other’s comments]

Good luck and let the shopping season begin!