marty 2013
Me at 50 – taken this morning – 8/6/2013 at my home in Utah

And I have reached the age of 50, as of 6:10am this morning.

It seems like just last year, I started my last year of my 40’s. Oh wait, I did.

Google Wish

google bday wish

Every year Google recognizes that it’s my birthday. Not much change from last year’s image, but still a nice reminder when I’m looking for something I need to find.

The Next 50 Years

So given this milestone I hit today, am I really looking to live to be 100? Well, if I can still be active and have a few drinks here and there and not have any ailments that hinder me from needing a reminder every five minutes, then sure… why the hell not.

Seriously, though… I have thought for as long as I can remember that anyone that makes it to be 80 in life, they have lived a good long life. My mom lived to be 83 [she would have lived longer if cancer hadn’t taken her]. So there is no reason why I can’t live to be at least 80. Why not see if I can go an additional 20 years on top of that.

Plus, I have a lot more things I want to do in life. It’s time to stop looking back at what I could’ve/should’ve done before 50 and make it happen going forward. It’s how life should be lived.

Now where did I put my glasses? 😉