7-Eleven Day 2022

7-eleven day 2022
Getting my Free Slurpee in another city – New York City

Coming back from my trip to Portugal, I had a day layover in New York City on 7-Eleven Day, which meant I had to find a location that was close to my hotel. And sure enough, there was a location that was a 20 minute walk away. Such great timing.

7-eleven day 2022
My all Cherry Free Slurpee

Most of my readers know I love most things cherry flavored. So it was evident that I got an all cherry Slurpee.

7-eleven day 2022
7-Eleven sign represent in NYC

It is not too often I visit a 7-Eleven in another city, even though they have thousands of locations worldwide [I didn’t see any in Portugal] but was for sure glad I made this visit to participate in Free Slurpee Day.

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