My First Laptop Sticker

macbook first sticker
The first sticker on my 2015 MacBook

For years now, I’ve seen a lot of people that have added a lot of stickers to their Apple laptops. Some even covering up the Apple logo. And for years now, I’ve kept my Apple laptops sticker free.

Until now.

I’ve had this Slack sticker with a Utah branding on it for a few years now. There was this event called Best Monday Ever sponsored by Slack and they gave out coffee, donuts and stickers – of which one is now affixed to my 2015 MacBook.

The timing of today putting this Slack sticker has nothing to do with their announcement about being sold to Salesforce for $27 billion. Although that is kind of odd timing, if you think about it.

Nope. The purpose of the sticker is to cover up the small dent that happened, when I got home and took the MacBook out of its messenger bag and then I took my iPad Pro 11-inch out and it landed edge down on the top of the MacBook. I decided not to take a photo of the dent, as it bummed me out that it happened almost 5 1/2 years of owning this MacBook. And of course nothing happened to the iPad Pro as it has a case on it.

My plan is to have just this one sticker on this MacBook. Does that mean I will place another sticker on this MacBook? If it’s to cover up another small dent, it might just happen.


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