TINTFA – February 2015 Update


February 2015 Progress

  • Find a new job
  • – Completed. Found a new job and started it on Feb 23rd. More details once I’ve been there a while, but this blog post covers leaving my last job. I can’t tell you how much this was a road block for my life’s progress.

  • Revive Scooter Sunday videos
  • – No progress here in January.

  • Read 24 Books
  • goodreads challenge
    – No progress in February. Guess that means 4 books in March. Working on finishing “Ocean at the End of the Lane” and “They Call Me Baba Booey”

  • Finish writing book trilogy
  • – No progress here in February.

  • 15 Blog Posts A Month
  • – I posted 7 blog posts here and 4 over on Adult Beverages, including an additional post by Kapgar. So 11 posts by me. The original push was 15 posts per blog. Shall we look forward to March for this one? I think we shall.

  • Create a short film
  • – No writing, filming or editing progress here. My daughter continues to offer gentle reminders of how much we should be filming, writing and planning to make a short film this year.

  • Get into better shape
  • – One day at the gym in February. Yeah, so not much progress here. I joined Vasa Fitness back on February 7th and that was my only visit there in February. It was a Groupon for one month that I paid $9 for. Couldn’t let it go unused.

    – The goal was to work out at least 3 times a week. They have a pool and lots of equipment. Great incentives. This is my last week of the 1-month membership. Going to start March off right here.

    – I’m heading to Cabo San Lucas at the end of April and I’d like to be in some kind of shape before I walk around there in a swimsuit. Let alone, being at least fit enough to walk around in the sun most of the day.

  • Create new video series
  • – No progress here in February.

Increased Fitness Focus

Now that I’ve completed my main goal of getting a new job, getting back to the gym and working out for the next 30 days is something I want to put more focus and efforts on. This means I need to find ways to work out, including a new gym.


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