Shark Bite!

shark bite
Dueling Shark Bites

Last weekend, my good friend Dave2 (of Blogography fame) was in town for the Retro Futura 2014 concert [his review has been posted, still working on mine.]. But before the show, he wanted to try a drink at Joe’s Crab Shack, which was pretty close to the venue. This drink is called a Shark Bite.

shark bite
My Drink with the Spotted Shark

It’s got a lot of booze in it, which for a Utah drink, most of those additional booze types are labeled as “flavorings”, meaning they can free pour those, instead of the metered main alcohol, which in this case was most likely the 1.5 oz of vodka this monster drink offered.

shark bite
Up Close Shark

The drink is blue in color, thanks to the Blue CuraƧao making it look like a body of water. Rum and sweet and sour round out the other main ingredients.

On the side, the plastic shark holds a test tube container of grenadine, which when you pour it into the glass, creates a bloody water effect. Stirring up the mixture, it turns the drink into a purple like color.

shark bite
Dave2’s Shark Bite drink – with blue shark

Bitten With Sweet

shark bite
Grenadine all mixed in

See? It’s all purple now, simulating the bloody water that sharks like to swim in [or so we are lead to believe by the movies].

shark bite
Shark wants a drink of the “bloodied water”

At least this drink has lots of ice. Cause it needs it to water down the sweetness of this alcoholic concoction. I’m no fan of sweet drinks these days – often called Foo-Foo Drinks. But hey, you get to keep the shark… that’s why Dave2 and I signed up for.

Shark Action!

shark bite
Dave2 getting the shark into action

As you can see, Dave2 loves his shark play. The drinks were consumed and we had some food – had to order food in order to drink in a Utah restaurant. Dumb rule, but hey… it’s what it is.

shark bite
I’m getting the shark into action, too

I doubt I will ever try this drink again. I rarely go to Joe’s Crab Shack, so that’s going to be a pretty easy thing to do.


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