TINTFA 2012 – Six Month Update

Holy Fucking Time Speeders! Six months of 2012 have gone by already. Let’s get this shit into gear and see what happened in the last 180 days with my TINTFAs

  • Filming and editing videos
  • – The first episode for Scooter Sunday Season 5 has been filmed and is being edited. And yes, you will see the unreleased Season 4 episodes I’ve talked about and promised as well (as they are being edited as well). I will post an update out here when they are all online.
    – Season 5 will run all summer and into October. Making my best push to bring regular episodes for not just my fans and viewers, but also for me because I love my scooter and love making short videos with the scooter.

  • Writing
  • – My last minute story I submitted was rejected for Thrice Fiction #5. Bob made a few suggestions on what could be done with the story and I will go back to it and see what completeness tweaks it’s needs. Also working on my other story and will complete that and most likely submit that for Thrice Fiction #6.
    – A new story for a new project is nearly complete. Will be submitting that before it’s deadline of the end of July.
    – and a completely new writing project has been started. About the only thing I can say at this point is it’s a series of 5 books to be e-published later this year. A complete update will come around November when I can talk more about it.

  • Screenwriting/Movie making
  • – Another month of no progress on the screenplay. It sits in a state of defined non-active characters of a labeled rough draft.

  • Reading Books
  • – I am close to finishing the book “Bright’s Passage” by singer/songwriter Josh Ritter. It’s 193 pages… it took some focus and ignoring the distractions this last weekend (and a few moments on the cruise).
    – Also about half way through Adam Carolla’s “In 50 Years We Will All Be Chicks” – it’s very funny and I’m less distracted when I’m reading this book than compared to other books I’ve started.

  • Exercise
  • – I am now at a total of 30 weeks that I’ve been going to the gym with three visits a week. I’m down 10 lbs from when I started at the beginning of December 2011 (and this includes losing the 3 lbs I gained on the cruise over a week ago). Chin and belly [which are my main focus areas] still present and accounted for, but others that have seen me say I’ve lost weight (I’m at 171 as of today). So I must be doing something right. Still, I have more to lose and more progress to track.

  • Golf
  • – I’ve played golf several times in the last few weeks, including a round of 9 holes today. This is even taking into account my New York and Alaska trips. I look forward to several more games before my next update.

  • Blogging
  • Chillywilly.org – I post here and there. It’s all good.
    – Now have a basic front page for Adult Beverages which will see some tweaks in the next week [right now, it’s text with a graphic that will be added here shortly]. I’ve been tweeting more from the @adultbeverages account. On track for a September 1st launch of the site as a blog, then adding in user forums and a video podcast later in the year. I’ve had this idea for some time now and it’s nice to see it finally coming together into a something I can share with others.

My workout and exercise progress is great. I actually read a book and am making progress on my other projects. Got to be happy about this at the half way mark.

Next update is on August 1st.

Thanks for reading my progress. It’s keeping me in check, that’s for sure.


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