How I Fight A Cold

This last week, I felt a cold coming on. It was inevitable, as both of my co-workers in my immediate office area were sniffling and blowing their noses, not to mention the general office area filled with sneezes and coughing.

When I catch a cold, it’s more of a flu, with body aches and attacks most of my muscles. I hate it. So I do what I can to fight getting a cold.

Grapefruit Seed Extract pills

grapefruit seed extract

I started taking these daily [two a day] about three years ago and since then, the number of colds and other sicknesses have been significantly reduced. When I feel a cold coming on, I take six of these pills a day – two in the morning, two at lunch and two at dinner. They are non-toxic and taking a lot of them doesn’t do any harm. Only good.

Green Tea

stash green tea

I’ve been a green tea drinker for over 10 years now and while I only have a couple teas a week when I am well, I drink two a day when I am fighting a cold. Like the pills above, this acts as an antioxidant to cleanse the system. I’m sure there are healthier teas out there, but the goal for getting rid of a cold is quick and easy and available at your local grocery store.


water bottle

I refill this water bottle three times a day at work. Water is a natural hydration method and just increasing the amount of water I drink by one more of these per day while in cold fighting mode is a no brainer.

It takes me about three days of doing the above increased items to feel like I am winning the battle. I get some congestion hanging on for a couple more days, but normally by the 5th day, I no longer have any major cold symptoms.

I got tired of taking all of the OTC cold medicines that made me feel like I had done a small mountain of cocaine. Plus, the no breathing at night, the tiredness that sets in. I don’t like to deal and live through any of it. And what I do above works very well for me.

I know they say you are supposed to get a cold to help your antibodies fight off any sickness. And I’m sure at some point, I will need to let a cold run it’s course. But not before Christmas and the holidays.

Do you have any cold remedies that work for you?


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