Photo: Didn’t Read The Sign

stop sign
Stop, as in past tense.

stop sign
The whole sign… nothing but the sign.

New Category

In my efforts to take more photos AND to post them publicly on my blogs, I decided to create a new category for random photos I take. I’ve had way too many missed photo ops and this is one attempt to help me resolve that.

The two photos I posted for this debut entry are a sign near the office building I work in. I’ve seen this knocked over sign on the ground for over three weeks now and each time I see it, I would remind myself that I needed to take a picture of this sign before someone takes the sign away [or puts it back up in it’s original spot after some jackass ran it over]

I also mention a few others like KevinIL and KevinAZ that take many photos and post them on their respective blogs. There’s also Megan who changed her blog to be all photos. And Lisa, who shares her skilled efforts in photography with her readers. These and many others are an inspiration to get me going with some type of nudge to start posting my amateur snapshots I see in life. Maybe if I keep it up, I’ll expand. For now, it’s simply getting into the habit of taking and posting photos.


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