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MobileMe no calendar
Not using the MobileMe calendar …. for now

Back a month ago, I mentioned my calendar syncing changes I needed to make due to the MobileMe calendar moving to a CalDAV format, which would break my syncing with all of my devices.

With so many changes I needed to make in order to keep all of my calendar and todo list data in sync, I decided to simply do the MobileMe calendar upgrade, but remove it from syncing with any of my devices – including my iPhone and iPad.

While it’s nice to see Apple adopt standards like CalDAV, it doesn’t mix well with my mixed set of devices. My Palm Pre requires syncing from local iCal calendars. Plus, each time I sync my iPhone and iPad, they can sync from those same local iCal calendars. So not all is lost, except one of the services I’m not using from my paid MobileMe subscription. All that’s left that I continue to use is email, Address Book syncing and iDisk for other backups I do.

Which means, come October 2011, I may be making even more decisions on whether to renew. Stay tuned.


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