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stack of books to read
Some read, some unread

I’m a person that likes to be challenged. Not in a fight or any physical altercation, but more to expand my mind and keep myself doing creative tasks.

In my reading of the blogs on my feed reader, I came across a post by Nilsa, updating her readers on the progress of her lifestyle challenges. Towards the end of that post, she mentioned that she was going to be reading at least one magazine article or one chapter a day from a book. She also asked her readers to join her in a 30-day challenge of their own.

So I left a comment telling her that I would join her. Not even five minutes after leaving my comment, I got an email from her asking me what my challenge was going to be.

Thinking about this, I decided that I too needed to read more. I have a stack of books that I’ve bought that have either barely been started or haven’t even had the cover cracked on. My 30-day challenge is to complete a book – not just a chapter a day, but read an entire book [preferably something with 30 chapters or less]. And not only will I read a book, I’m going to do a book report [blog post style] on it at the end of the 30 days. It’s been years since I’ve had to do a book report, so this should be a challenge on top of a challenge.

But Wait, There’s More….

Ok, so reading a book is a challenge to me [time wise, smart asses]. Some of you read books all the time. My wife can read one in a single weekend. I can hear some of you saying, “Hey… what about another challenge..” Ok. I’ll do another challenge. But it’s going to require a separate blog post. Early next week, watch for a post detailing my other challenge.

For now, it’s time to pick a book and get ready for some literary enjoyment.


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