It’s The End Of the Year As We Know It :

  • – It’s just me discussing the year in podcasts; I made it to 50 episodes for 2014. Just two shy of my goal; this year end is being recorded 16 days into the new year; 10 days since my last podcast.
  • – I am shooting for 52 episodes in 2015; delays and distractions be damned.
  • News – Story 1: The year in news; what happened news wise in 2014.
  • – Talking about the news stories I covered.

  • News – Story 2: The year in movies; discussing some of the movies that came out this year.
  • – Talking about the movies I saw and that came out in 2014.

  • News – Story 3: The year in music; some of my favorite albums, as I blogged about in my Top Albums for 2014.
  • – Going down the list of my top 10 albums for 2014.

  • RANT: I didn’t manage my time as well as I could have
  • – I know many others have this same issue, but in the end, I felt I could have done better at keeping a schedule on these episodes; most are under 15 minutes, but the prep time is where I need to better stay on schedule; I find topics for each news story and come up with rants and shameless plugs pretty quick, but then the process of writing is all down is where I seem to slack off, if you will; it’s all life distractions from here, my listeners; all I can do is try harder in 2015.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: I actually made 50 episodes of this podcast
  • – yes, a very shameless plug on my part, a stretch of a shameless plug, if you will; it wasn’t easy as I mentioned several times how much I battle my distractions and how I let them take over something I love doing; I love making videos, and writing and being creative; that got sucked out of my life a lot in the last couple of years; I started this podcast as a way to have something I could complete by the end of the year and in the final hours of 2014, I almost made it; so wanting to be more scheduled next year with my episodes; I look at other podcasts that consistently post and I like that; maybe I’ll gain another 5 listeners in 2015.

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