Hard to believe it’s been 7 years.

A very somber day for me that Tuesday. So sad of the destruction and lives lost. Today is a day to remember.

First Trip to NYC

Part of my memory goes back to August 2000. A good friend of mine was living and working in Lower Manhattan at the time. My current girlfriend at the time had just broken up with me. Our plan was to go to NYC for her birthday. Obviously, she didn’t go. I had contemplated not going at all, but my friend called me multiple times and told me that I needed to still make the trip. So I did. And thanks to his encouragement and hosting me at his apartment, I now have a trip that I will never regret. A few photos to remind me how very happy I was to have experienced the World Trade Center.


view of both WTC towers from Hudson Park

on top of the Observation Deck on the WTC South Tower – a view of Manhattan

That’s me in front of the WTC Globe, with the North Tower behind it.
Most Recent Trip to NYC

My wife and I visited New York during the first week of November in 2006. She had never been there before. Of course, one of our stops was the WTC site to see the progress and the memorial. I can tell you my visit was very full of memories, walking around the site and remembering what was once there.

Me standing inside the entrance to the WTC Memorial Site

We also visited Battery Park, where the remains of the Globe resides. As you can see, I had my picture taken in front of it, similar to the one taken in 2000, minus the towers.

Me standing in front of the Globe in Battery Park
Not To Take Away…

My intention of this post was to pay respect to a great city that 7 years ago today, survived one of the worst experiences any city could go through. My thoughts are with anyone who lost a loved one, a close friend, a co-worker or someone they knew.

My hope is that the spirit of what the WTC was will live inside the future WTC, when all of the rebuilding is completed. And at that time, I plan to visit and once again relive those memories.