6th birthday balloon
Original image found at Balloons.co.uk

6 years old. Young for a human and a pet, but middle aged for a blog. At least these days, with some of those in my blogging circle that have dropped out and closed up shop. I’m still open for business here and plan to be for many years. Yes, even with my distraction issues and posting frequency, I still have managed to create 725 posts and garner over 6200 comments. Nothing to sneeze at.

New Theme

I changed my theme for this year’s birthday celebration. I am still making tweaks to it [like the comments formatting, which is a bit awkward still] but I wanted to do something different, yet keep it clean looking and as clutter free as I can. Leave me feedback and let me know what you think or if you see something out of place.


And what is a blog birthday celebration without giving free stuff away. I will have posts on April 10th, 15th and 20th that will be giving away a total of six prizes [2 prizes on each post]. So watch for those and leave a comment and you just might win.

Thanks to those readers who’ve been with me for years. I appreciate you sticking around. And hope to gain new readers this next year. Some changes will be happening.