winter oreos
Oreos made for Winter – penguin approved

As most of you know, I like Oreos. So when a co-worker got me a package I hadn’t seen before, I was very elated. Not because they were a new flavor, but because they used penguins to promote them. These are Winter Oreos. They taste just like regular Oreos, but there are a couple of differences.

winter oreos
embossed with a penguin – pretty cool

One, the top of each Oreo cookie is embossed with a penguin. How cool is that. I mean, to look at each cookie and have it be a penguin. These limited edition Oreos were made for me.

winter oreos
red creme filling – tastes the same as white creme filling

And the normal white creme filling is colored red. The taste is identical. Not like it’s peppermint flavored or anything like that. Just now leaves your tongue red after eating a few of these [sorry no photo of my red tongue here, folks.] in a row.

Get them while they are around for the winter season. I know I plan to seek out another package once these are gone.