here comes the White Limo

The White Limo from the “White Limo” video by the Foo Fighters, from their forthcoming album “Wasting Light” made a visit to Salt Lake City yesterday as part of the White Limo Tour, leading up to the album release [less than 2 weeks before it’s available for purchase at your favorite record store]. This visit was at my local Graywhale Record store.

What’s that? You don’t know about the White Limo? Watch and learn…

Ok, now that you know the story, here’s my photo montage of seeing this limo in person.


Hold my drink please

Open Sky

marty side
A little FF on the side

Pick your seat

TV party tonight… TV party alright!

I’m no Dave Grohl [and no, he didn’t make a surprise appearance], but I can make silly faces like he does.

marty 01
marty 02
marty 03
marty 04

Count it down….April 12th, bitches!