Rush starman
Starman, Star Bright… first star I see tonight.. was Geddy Lee

So back on August 5th [of this year, 2010], my wife and I went to see Rush for my birthday, which was the next day. I had seen them live twice before, but you can never see a great band like Rush too many times.

All the world’s a stage… or at least it was in Utah

Rush Geddy
Who the hell is RASH? Some cheesy cover band, I bet.

I’ve been a Rush fan since pretty much they started. I had all of their albums from their debut to their latest on some form of media, be it vinyl, cassette, CD and now digital. But it was in 1981 when the now-classic “Moving Pictures” came out that showed this long time fan could allow this trio of Canadians to go mainstream.

Rush Neil
YYZ Comes Alive

And so this tour called “Time Machine” would have them play the entire “Moving Pictures” album live, in it’s entirety. A seven-song masterpiece in a crowd of thousands. Did it work? I think it did. Three hours later, I felt I had a great time, got to hear many of my favorite songs, including “Freewill”, “Spirit of the Radio”, “Working Man”, La Via Strangiato”, “Closer to the Heart” and a very cool live version of “YYZ”, my favorite song on the afore-mentioned honored album.

Rush Alex
Broon’s Bane is not Banal, that’s for sure

As always, Rush will remain a concert draw each time they tour in the future.

BTW, if you won’t take my word for it, go check out another Rush fan’s review of his concert experience. After all, two Rush fans can’t be wrong.

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