It’s time for another edition of Scooter Sunday, back in Salt Lake this weekend, celebrating Labor Day [a national holiday here in the states]. Have I really done 20 of these so far?

Riding Days

I’m doing all I can to ride my scooter as much as I can before Utah’s weather turns too cold to ride. If past years have shown any sort of pattern, there will be various good weather days until the first week of November that will be considered scooter friendly.

Park The Car

It will be one week tomorrow (Monday) that I have not driven my car. The car has sat in the driveway for seven days [I did have to go start it today so I don’t go out to a drained battery the next time I need it]. I kind of miss driving it, mostly for the Sirius radio I have installed, so I can listen to the commercial-free music channels and Howard Stern. But I have all winter to listen. For now, it’s scooter time.

car parked
“Don’t forget, I can hold more than one passenger”
Scooter Storage

As some of my Twitter posts have mentioned, I use my scooter for small trips to the store and other errands, as long as I keep my list to items that can fit under the seat.

Ready for the goods

As you can see, there’s some decent room in there.

I wear my helmet almost every time I ride. For short rides to go get air in my tires or to run over to my step daughter’s house, I sometimes leave the helmet off, but that is rare.

Got to have the helmet. Don’t want to be an “organ donor”
Food Run

As for my errands, once the helmet is on my head, it leaves a decent amount of room for various grocery items. As you can tell, I can fit more than just one bottle of Vitamin Water in the seat. In fact, I’ve had as many as 4 bottles, plus a few smaller grocery items like yogurt and fruit. I try not to pack too much in there, but I fit what I can. What doesn’t fit, gets put in a plastic bag and fits between my feet on the floor board.

Liquid Refreshments
Vitamin Water for the day, Club Soda and Tonic for drinks at night

Even last minute requests from my wife’s five year old granddaughter fit just fine.

Kid Food
I bought them for my wife’s granddaughter… really, I did

Smaller fruits like bananas and strawberries have room, but I had a request from my wife to get a watermelon on my way home from work. She thought I had my car. But it was really no trouble. Just had to find one that was the right fit.

Watermelon.. YUM!
Yep.. that’s a watermelon

And a great fit. Amazing, huh?

Feline Goodness

Even the cat wanted to get in on the game. I seriously doubt she wanted a ride since she never leaves the yard.

WARNING: Do not store internally
Useful, and Kick Ass Mileage, too

Not just fun to ride, but practical for those short trips to the store for a few items. And with another 106 mpg from my last tank, it really is cheap to run an errand or two.